Reflection - Part 2




For my final realisation for the corduroy project I designed a cardigan with a knitted arm-piece. I wanted to design something inspired by everything Ive been working on in my sketchbook an something that fits in with the themes Ive been researching of nature and texture and outerwear. This final piece turned out no where near what I wanted it to be, but considering the time restraints of the project I am happy with what I produced and can adapt and further add to in in my sketchbook to make it what I really wanted. I loved being able to experiment with knit and loved learning in the recent workshop how to knit properly again. I think its a great method for creating neat samples, but equally the knitted pieces can be distressed in the most beautiful ways to create really deconstructed textural samples. I would've love to work on something a little bit more free and textural for this final piece, if I got the chance to do it again. but, most importantly, I will take all of the skills Ive learnt from this project and progress into the next one with more goals and ideas forays of escaping my comfort zone. Id also like to work on my photography skills during the next project and really take some beautiful images that showcase the work in its best light.

IMG_0871.JPG     IMG_0874.JPG     IMG_0876 2.jpg     IMG_0879.JPG

9th JANUARY '18



I very much wanted to focus on the linear aspects of the corduroy material rather than the material itself. To me the material of corduroy s a little outdated. It connotes workwear and dungarees that I'd wear as a kid and those things to me can't be directly related to the fashion Im looking to design for this project. So I want to take a different approach and think of the colour schemes corduroy usually comes in and work from there. Also, thinking about workwear and wearing the material as a kid. When I was younger id always be outside in nature, so to look into some natural aspects as inspiration for the project would be great eg, mountains, grass, plants.


I loved todays print workshop, it allowed me to really pick apart all of my source images and inspiration and manifest something new with them that I wouldn't have seen in the original images. I really went out fo my comfort zone in this workshop and missed a leadoff different textiles and paper manipulation techniques together. We then had a print workshop, where we were shown again ho to Lino-print. I was really excited going into this part of the workshop as I wanted to try and recreate some of the interesting patterns from my collages through print to open up some new design avenues for this project. I liked mixing my own colours a lot and ended up creating a dark green and pastel coral colour to combine on my prints. I found the Lino printing to be quite messy for me, so I also tried just printing with paper stencils. I found this technique to work much better from my specific designs, and managed to create a couple of really nice prints that I can't see on the pages of my portfolio already. It was also fun experimenting with the printing press and printing by hand, as the different pressures gave different surface textures and effects.


IMG_0623.JPG     IMG_0635.JPG     IMG_0650.JPG

Today we had a colour workshop, where we all had to bring in objects of varying colours then arrange them in orders of tone, sheen, colour etc. It was interesting to compare all of the different objects that everyone brought in amdreally learn about the colour spectrum and connotations and ways of using certain tones of colour to evoke certain moods and ideas. We then took out objects and set them up in a space. This was mainly to gather some inspiration in terms of tone and composition of objects that we could take forward with us for the next stage of out corduroy project designing.


8th JANUARY '18


IMG_0565.JPG     IMG_0566.JPG     IMG_0567.JPG

Some initial ideas for corduroy - we began our corduroy project, post-briefing, by looking around us and picking ut some objects around the room that displayed linear patterns similar to that of corduroy material. We were then tasked with re-creating these patterns out of materials we had with us and used different material manipulation techniques to form some interesting shapes and textures. Its always fun to create things with whatever you have with you, because it ends up looking like nothing you could have planned, its completely spontaneous and most of the time opens up the doors to so any more diverse ideas for further experiments.

27th DECEMBER '17



For my colour project I wanted to explore my surroundings over the Christmas break in a way thats different to what I usually do. In terms of colour, when Im creating things I usually stick to a relatively dark colour palette to express my ideas, those are just the colours that appeal to me and I enjoy using them. However, since the actual project is based on colour,I decided to turn the tables and choose a colour thats completely out of my comfort zone. Ive decided to use pink an red throughout this project, tyre two very vibrant, girly and bright colours that will bring my work into a different light. Im not sure yet of the outcome of this project. Its supposed to produce a photography final, so I feel like alongside that I will also try to design something for the body to keep on top of my garment designing and practice designing with a very different thee to usual. I want to use a lot of colour and shapes, maybe less focus on texture for this specific project. I want to explore how variant shades of the colours go together and try to use an unconventional method of presenting my images at the final stage.




I was very lost coming into this session, over the weekend, after getting the brief, I had taken myself in a weird direction that didn't really feel like I would lead me down the path I waned to go down. I was given the idea by a classmate to use the spiritual quote to relate to Native American spiritualism, and more predominantly the materials and weaves and prints they use in their garments. Its a bit far stretched honestly in the journey I took to get to the materials from my quote, but I think I can make it work and it'll give me the chance to play around with prints and textured weaves, and also focus on a set colour scheme that reflects my theme. I chose not to focus too much on the image of a tunnel that I was given in the literal sense of it being a tunnel, and rather to turn the image on its side and focus on the shapes and patterns of the highlights and shadows in the image...relating them to the Navajo rugs and weaved designs.




  • Working collaboratively in todays workshop to produce unconventional weaves through the idea of chance.
  • Abiding by a set of rules that would determine the outcome of the woven sample
  • Working to a large scale
  • Interesting game as it made me loosen up and realise that sometimes things that happen by accident turn out even better than if they were planned
  • Thinking about using similar techniques of chance in future projects when I'm feeling stuck or overwhelmed, to loosen up my thinking and making skills
28th NOVEMBER '17


IMG_9699.JPG     IMG_9700.JPG

Today we visited an exhibition at The Tate Modern together some artist research and do some observational drawing. There was a really interesting array of work in this exhibition and I managed to really work on my mark-making skills whilst responding to the artists. I like to vary my drawing techniques as I went around the exhibition, keeping some neat and colourful, whilst others were quick mark making sketches in simple monochrome to draw all of the focus into the texture and shape of what I was drawing. I love drawing in public spaces as it makes you work more quickly and instinctively, rather than overthinking all of the processes as you draw.




Day two of the Culture Swap project was a pretty free session where we were left o our own devices and given time to carry on our own projects from yesterday. I began the day very productive and managed to create some detailed responses. My problem with my work so far is that I don’t feel like it has an enormous amount of depth an texture to it. I know the brief was to make a 2D response, but I can’t seem to make something just yet that feels as dimensional as I want it to be. I maybe need to go home and experiment with texture minus the colour as a start, then add the colour back in, as I think I maybe focus too much on surface pattern and detail, rather that textural elements…which are pretty important in textiles.




We swapped cultures with a peer and explored their background and cultural traditions that we’re relevant to them through photography. We each exchanged five image that represented our cultural identity and explained each image to each other to define its purpose to us. Whereas I chose to bring in a very landscape based set of images, my partner chose quite a random selection that made it difficult to draw links between them all. Two of her images were of Chinese architecture from her home town, but only the top parts of the buildings were shown, and only one building was present in each image. This left a lot of negative space and very little shapes on the actual image itself to experiment with. Her third image was of a dish of food served in a restaurant in her home town, it was a spicy meal that had a lot of chillis and red coloured spices. This image was very bright and colourful and had a lot of different shaped chillis that I could cut up and use to experimenting with composition and repetition of shapes. Her fourth choice of image was really unusual, it was an X-ray image of her teeth…honestly I was a bit confused as to why this was included in her images, and she couldn’t really explain her reasoning either, but I figured I’d have to use it and could focus on the shapes of the individual teeth.




For todays briefing we were given some insight into relevant artists and themes we could focus on for this weeks project titled: CULTURE SWAP. I was looking forward to what possible briefs for this week could be, and although I'm not completely excited about this one at the moment, I hope that with some more research and design experimentation I will be able to interpret it in my own way, a way that will hopefully allow me to create something beautiful that showcase my own culture and interests. I feel a bit strange whenever we work solely with paper in textiles, but I guess it allows us to work on manipulation techniques with paper, before trying it out on a tougher to handle material. A part of the project that I am excited about is the use of paper folding and manipulation to create a final 2D piece. We've been told that although the final outcome should be a 2D form, it doesn't necessarily need to be flat. Ive already been researching some interesting paper folding techniques, and just this morning discovered the work of artist Abigail Reynolds, who uses some amazing paper folding techniques to merge multiple images together. I thought the merging effect could be really great at combining cultures and colours together in a single piece of artwork. 


We were sent out in pairs to explore a part of London for the first research step of CULTURE SWAP. I was paired with Andy...a girl from China who's to be in my Textiles class for the rest of the year. Ill admit, spending the day with someone who was not only a complete stranger to me, but also had a language barrier was challenging. But we explored our selected location of Notting Hill, and gathered some interesting knowledge about our surroundings and about each other.



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